I have a passion for planning

I am a wife, momma of one, and animal lover.  Planning & organizing has always been a passion of mine.   

After moving to Dallas in early 2021, I have semi-retired my event planning business to focus on my family.  That has left me even more time to make this wedding expo the best one around.    Our passion is to make West Texas Wedding Expo the place to be each January.  

You will see me at the front door greeting everyone I can and making sure the expo runs as smoothly as possible.

Can't wait to meet you all!

Tiffany Reid

Turning a Vision into Reality

Angela, was raised in Midland and is a mother of two daughters, Jaylee & Emma. She enjoys family time, cooking, entertaining, sports and attending social events. She is also passionate about promoting local businesses and events within her community. Angela has a background in marketing, as well as restaurant and event management. She is the co-founder of West Texas Wedding Expo and Mix It Up Texas. She has been highly involved in the local event industry for the past six years and looks forward to bringing her knowledge, contacts, and past career experience to the food and beverage department at the Midland County Horseshoe.

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Angela Prather